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2021 Art Lottery Cancelled

Dear Community Members,

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, Centre[3] and our hosts Earls Court Gallery have made the decision to cancel the 11th annual Art Lottery (Centre[3]’s annual fundraiser) which was scheduled to take place in June 2021.

Thank you to all the artists who donated artwork in 2019/ 2020, please know that your donations are safe. Unfortunately we cannot accept any further donations at this time as Centre[3] is closed until further notice. The previously donated artwork will go towards our next Art Lottery, which we hope is June 2022!

We thank you for your continued support as the Art Lottery allows Centre[3] to raise funds to support our excellent programming and services while keeping our fees at a minimum for the local community and artists. If you have any questions please email Julie at

Keep well,

The Centre[3] Team

In 2011, Centre[3] founded the Art Lottery with the idea that everyone is a winner: 100 pieces of art to match the sale of 100 tickets. The Art Lottery has become an annual event and, currently, in its ninth year, it continues to excite participants with its lively atmosphere and prize-worthy pieces. One by one, tickets are pulled from a hat as onlookers look to their wish lists in anticipation. Not only is this a fun and exciting event, but the Art Lottery is also an important way for Centre[3] and its participating artists to connect with its members and the local community. At the core of the Art Lottery is the continuous commitment and support from its members and local artists without whom the Art Lottery could not happen. 

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