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6 Art Hashtags on Instagram to Follow

Hashtags art Instagram

Hashtags are a great way to discover art on Instagram. Instagram is a massive hub for artists and there are some hashtags that work best on Instagram only. By following these 6 hashtags it will assist you in getting to know the arts community most immediate to Hamilton and inspire you to find new artists without the overwhelming search.

What is a hashtag?

People use the hashtag symbol (#) before a relevant keyword or phrase in their descriptions categorize those posts and help them show more easily in a search.

How do art hashtags work on Instagram?

Instagram hashtags work by organizing and categorizing photos and videos. If you have a public Instagram account and add a hashtag to a post, that post will be visible on the corresponding hashtag page -it's basically a directory of all the photos and videos that were tagged with that hashtag.

Why you should click “Follow” to a Hashtag?

First type in the desired hashtag in your search bar. At top of all the posts, there is a follow button. CLICK IT!

After you follow a hashtag you will see posts of people appearing in your home feed (people you don't even follow). It will look like you are following them – which is amazing. It allows you to discover and interact with new people, from all around the world, directly from your home page.

By following these arts specific hashtags it gives you your own art researcher working on your behalf with your interests in mind.



The first hashtag you should follow on Instagram. This hashtag collects what the gallery posts, as well as others who have visited or are associated with the gallery. So when a client is browsing the gallery and makes a post with the hashtag it will show up here. With this hashtag you will get different perspectives and interactions about Earls Court Gallery.


A couple of weeks ago we talked about integrating art into your life. One of the ways was keeping “your finger on the pulse.”  Well, this local Hamilton hashtag showcases upcoming events, workshops, exhibitions and of course the local Hamilton Talent.


Gives you a provincial look at artists and their practices. This can range from traditional arts, to craft and even tattoo posts. Get to know what other artists are thinking about.


Want a broader view of artworks, artists and creative influences? Check out this hashtag for an overload of inspiration from artists around the world.


Artist Support Pledge is a movement; a generous culture and a dynamic economy open to ALL artists and makers anywhere in the world- and of course collectors of art.

The concept is a simple one, Artists post images of their work to sell for NO MORE (can be less) than $200 each (not including shipping.) Anyone can then buy the work. Every time the artist reaches $1000 of sales the artist pledges to buy another artist’s work for $200.


Ever wondered how an artist gets to the finished product? WIP or Work in Progress is a hashtag often used by artists to get insight on their creations, but as a collector it’s a great way to have a more cohesive understanding of what goes into an artwork. This hashtag gives you your backstage pass to the artist’s studio. 

Follow the Hashtags now, before you forget!

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