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5 Quick Questions with Courtney Downman

Earls Court Gallery was proud to boast an sensational "Artist Meet & Greet" with all artists from META|SCAPES on Saturday, September 18, 2021. We had a great showing of art lovers come and ask all kinds of questions to artists Kim Wilkie, Courtney Downman and James Paterson.
We do acknowledge that some of you might of had greater plans or simply aren’t ready for gatherings inside. Thus, over the next few weeks we will be take time to highlight and share 5 questions answered by each artist for the exhibition.
For those of you who were here for the ‘Meet & Greet’, hope you gain greater insight to the artists you met.
Artist Courtney Downman, Kim Wilkie, James Paterson

Artists (Left-Right) Courtney Downman, Kim Wilkie, & James Paterson

META|SCAPES will be on until October 9, 2021.

Artist Courtney Downman

  1. Colour is obviously essential in your artworks- it makes the images and messages speak to the viewer. What is your favorite colour and do you often gravitate to it when creating?

In my glass work I have gravitated towards transparent jewel tone colours. There are so many different shades of each glass colour and I am still working through trying new out new colours each time and I am always onto a new favourite. Currently my favourite colour to work with is cherry red for its rich colour and intensity.  


"Ruby & Tangerine Orb Nestle set"

"Ruby & Tangerine Orb Nestle set"


  1. How has the media you have chosen to practice with, in this exhibition, reflect your personality?

Glass for its challenging nature to create. It is fragile and unforgiving and offers an endless amount of skill building opportunity. I love the challenge glassmaking has to offer and how it always keep me thinking critically about the process.


Courtney Downman Water Saw

 "Lagoon Green Orb"

"Lagoon Green Orb"

  1. Tell me of a time when an artwork was going in the wrong direction. What did you do to adjust and bring it to its finished state?

Given the fragile nature of glass and the combination of saw carving I used to create this body of work, a lot can go wrong in the process. There are many times I have had to adjust my plans but have always seen it as a great opportunity to create and inspire something new instead.

"Aqua Wave Bowl"

"Aqua Wave Bowl"


  1. If you could directly speak to the viewer, what is one key bit of knowledge should they know about you or the artwork to experience it?

Glass is fragile but also quite resilient! 


"Dark Cherry Orb"

"Dark Cherry Orb"

5.      What would be your dream project or location for exhibit and why?

I hope to exhibit my work and visit as many places as possible throughout my career as a glass maker. I love to share my work and would like to explore the world.



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