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Marcelo Suaznabar questions

On Saturday August 7, 2021, we hosted our second “Artist Meet & Greet” with Marcelo Suaznabar. We are so thankful for all those who came and had in-depth discussions about Suaznabar’s new artworks in ceramic, but we did not want you to miss out on a few great questions that have been on everyone’s minds.

 Here are 6 quick questions that we proposed to Marcelo Suaznabar about his latest exhibition “Creatures & Demons” featuring new artworks in both ceramic sculpture- for the first time- and painting.


Marcelo Suaznabar hosting guests 


  1. What was so attractive about ceramics that you wanted to explore the media? Which type of ceramic media has become your preferred choice?

What attracted me in creating ceramics is the ability to explore volume using my hands and fingertips with precise technique. Building a piece leads to surprises in the results, which to me is totally different to the drawings or paintings. I enjoy working with Terracotta clay, and white earthenware clay as my preferred ceramic media.

"El Gato De Dos Caras" 2020   6" x 16" x 9"  Mix Media, Terracotta, Oil and Resin


  1. Several of the pieces are coated in resin. Can you explain this process? Is this a technique you have seen somewhere else or is it something you invented?

The pieces with resin coating are one of the experiments I tried when I painted with oils on the surface. On top of the piece with oils, I would apply a good coat of resin.  Resin is not an easy material to apply on three-dimensional pieces but I’m satisfied with the results! I personally haven’t seen ceramics with resin before, however, I think with ceramics it is possible to mix or apply different materials and turning the ceramic piece into mixed media.

  1. How does it feel to be able to interact with your creatures and demons on the same three-dimensional plane? 

This is a good question because the imagination works the same way, creating the characters and creatures in my mind. However, when I use my hands, the touch of clay and my imagination, feels liberating and working with the characteristics of the clay, its volume and width, and its weight and size, it all gives a different sensation compared to when I transmit my creativity in the two-dimensional plane.

"Untitled" 4" x 4" x 11" White Sculpture Clay

"Mask IV"   7" x 9" x 5"   Ceramic Terracotta
    1. I know a few pieces broken the kiln. What emotions did you go through at the loss of your hard work? Have you experienced similar feelings when creating your paintings?

    For sure, it is frustrating when a piece breaks, or the colour did not turn out to be how I imagined, or even when the glaze shows different results. However, I know that in every process of creation, the “trial and error” and is part of the learning. I don’t experience this with paintings, because it is more manageable when I make a mistake, it is easier to fix it right away. The temperature in the kiln is strong and depending on the density and thickness of the ceramic, one does not know what will happen until the kiln is opened and the process is complete.


    1. Do you have young children at home. How have you seen them perceive your work and interpret it in their words to you?

    Always. When I finish a piece I show them first. They have reactions as in they think it’s awesome or they are shocked and surprised. Sometimes, they think it is bizarre and crazy! They know the process with my paintings and ceramics, because they see me working in my studio, and watch me add details, but I enjoy showing them the final result to get their ultimate reaction.


    1. Drink & Food paring... What drink & food do you think is best to consume while being immersed by “Drawn” exhibition?

    A glass of white wine, and appetizers!


    Owner Robert Daniels, Curator Andrea Jackman, and Artist Marcelo Suaznabar


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