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Abstract #X Exclusive Photo Album

Overview of Abstract #X
Abstract #X's aim is to be an exploration of color and illustrate how three artists deal with their experiences and emotions. The viewer's body relation to the paintings is what can assist in moving one's feelings with regards to a painting. I am excited to offer a collection of installation images, so that in your own home you might get a glimpse of the visual experience awaiting in the gallery. Enjoy the views!
Abstract #X features paintings by Johnnene Maddison, Elizabeth McQueen, and Margot Roi
Individual images of the paintings can be found HERE 
Looking South at Earls Court Gallery
Margot Roi Elizabeth McQueen
Johnnene Maddison Three artists together: Maddison, Roi, McQueen 
South wall, back of the gallery- Earls court gallery
To Gather around Bob's Desk: Maddison & McQueen- Earls Court Gallery  McQueen and Roi- Exploring breath and Land- Earls Court Gallery
McQueen- Spring Break up
Looking North at Earls Court Gallery
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