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An Introduction: Paul Knowles (1945-2021)


Paul Knowles- Self Portrait

Introducing the Life and work of 

PAUL KNOWLES, AOCA (1945 – 2021)



Paul Knowles was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. After high school, where he pursued his arts interests and graduated from a specialized art’s program at Central Secondary School in Hamilton, he attended and graduated from OCA (now OCAD) in 1968 with a certificate from the Advertising Design program. Paul Knowles began his career working in the community, but eventually joined McMaster University. Here he had a 35 year career where he was senior graphic artist, illustrator, and supervisor. Upon his retirement, Knowles held the position of Director of Media Production Services, a multi-disciplinary department serving McMaster University, Mohawk College and community hospitals. He resided in Ancaster, Ontario with his wife Janelle.

Paul Knowles’ art practiced exemplified his strengths in the use of light, shadow and simple geometric forms. These characteristics were integrated into his subject matters which were inspired by Knowles’ everyday surroundings. He was known to stop the car with camera in hand and capture a subject matter currently in progress in order to reflect on the image at a later date in his studio. This included urban streetscapes, familiar everyday objects, simple architecture and icons typically Canadian leisure.

PEI Light house

"PEI Lighthouse"

Acrylic on Panel

12" x 16" Canvas

Collingwood- Paul Knowles Earls Court Gallery

"Rural Colingwood"

Acrylic on Canvas

16" x 12" Canvas

Earls Court Gallery is honoured to showcase the work of Paul Knowles in gallery and online. We look forward to hosting a retrospective of his work in February 2023.


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