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Over the last couple of weeks, Earls Court Gallery's Artists have been sharing their ways to get inspired. In a rare move, Bob and Andrea will also answer the same questions from beyond the Gallery's walls of creativity. 

 So, the same two questions have been proposed:

1) What must you do to get your ready to begin in the studio? Or how do you get past the “blank page”? 

2) What gets your creative juices flowing?

Here are their responses...


"Usually my creative juices are stirred out of a need for something such as a cabinet to store and organize a collection of router bits or chisels. Or in the case of my favourite piece, a small cabinet to keep dog leash and dog accessories near the door."

"Once the need has been established the fun creative part begins in making sketches, determining dimensions and one of the best parts, picking out the wood to make it all work. There is nothing more satisfying than having all of that come together in the final result."



"To create, whether in the gallery or my home studio, I try to have as much chaos in order. Sometimes, I handle the little things that are still lingering or simply stow them away on “To Do” list for later. Next, I acknowledge the plan I have established on paper, and begin to attack it in smaller compartments, all while some good music is playing."

"I often procrastinate by dealing with a small thing that has to get done anyways, which in turn gets me motivated and easies me into creating. Small wins… are still a WIN."

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