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To find a great work of art online you do not need to be an art expert nor do you have to worry about leaving the comforts of your home. Here are some things to think about while looking for that special piece:

 1. What are you looking for to add/start your collection? Colourful abstract for your living room? A statement piece? Something to add to your collection based on theme? Size? Colours? Medium? 

2. What is your budget? Remember that art is an investment. That said you don't have to break the bank. Some sites will offer sales, discounts, and an under $500 section.

3. Look for sites that are easy to browse through. Similar to walking through an exhibition, you do not want to feel overwhelmed or confused by what is being presented to you. 

4. Do a Google search on the artist whose work you like. It is nice to know something about the person who created your art piece. If you cannot find anything online about the artist, email the company and ask if they are able to send you some info. 

5. Be open to the work of an artist you have never heard of. Who knows they could be the next Picasso, plus you may be helping support the career of an up and coming artist. 

6. What is the condition of the artwork? Sites should report if a piece is not in perfect condition so there are no surprises i.e. a tear in right corner. Is the artwork framed? Unframed? 

7. Is the art an original or a print (computer printout)? Many sites sell prints of artwork i.e. Van Gough, and less sell original.  

8. What is the company's return policy? Make sure you are clear on what their policies are before buying.

9. Is the online store approachable? Are you able to contact them with any questions and/or assistance with your search?

10. Have fun! Jump In! Stay open minded! Your masterpiece is just a click away!


By Kelly Drennan

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