GET INSPIRED VOL. 2- Your Tell All

Earls Court Gallery- Your tell all

In September, I put out a call for you to share your “Small Art Teachings” on what gets you inspired, in a response to our social media posts, blogs and emails.

You were asked to consider the following question:

 How has the Artists, Gallery or Artwork seen inspired you in the recent months?

 It is with great pleasure that I share some of the submissions:


"When I purchased Night Millglow by Aleda O’Connor from Earl’s Court Gallery I decided I wanted to dedicate an art grouping to works depicting places in Hamilton. I came up with this configuration on the stairway wall. I have a few other Hamilton scenes scattered throughout my home so I may eventually move the mirror and add them to this arrangement. Even when I think I have no more wall space, I always manage to rearrange things and squeeze in a new piece."


"Seeing your website and receiving emails has helped me stay active.  I have only ever purchased one painting from you, and I look at it every day while I am working on artwork.  I also look at your archives every few days, not just to see established artwork, but to compare it to my artwork to see where I can improve.  It has taken me years to be able to view one of my drawings or paintings and understand what I can do to improve it.  Being able to compare work to others I can now see better what needs to be done.

 I have included an ink drawing I did last year of the gatehouse at the Hamilton Cemetery.  I still try to go back to black and white to help with contrast in my pictures.  I was doing some research for a painting to be used in an upcoming book about the Cemetery and ended up spending more time looking at the gatehouse than the headstones.

 I am also including the painting I did for the book - the reason for visiting the cemetery in the first place.  People don't usually associate a cemetery with a place to make art, but it is so peaceful there and so much history."


"A Moveable Feast: I also switch or replace paintings, small pieces of pottery, and décor items around seasonally.  My eye needs to see beauty and it needs variety.  During COVID, it has helped to lighten my mood.  I recommend it!"


"One of my flora paintings, I always love the grace a beauty of the Lily .

I do have a series of florals and enjoy painting since I was a child. 

My artist name is Brenoir."


"Couldn’t help but make a few acquisitions!

Recent finds:  William Henry Clapp

Not letting COVID stop me from finding new pieces for my collection."

-- Donald

"I am a photo-based, and mixed media artist, and Colleen is a ceramic artist.  I met Colleen a year after my late wife, Gail passed.  Because I was so involved in the technical end of photography as Head Photographer for the AGO and a free-lance commercial photographer, Gail bought me a pottery course as a way to have a more tactile experience than the rigors of Commercial photography afforded me; I loved it.   I met Colleen at DVSA in Dundas through a pottery course she was teaching.  A year later we got married and opened the “James North Studio Gallery” which we ran for many years.  (I didn’t mean to give you my life story)  Needless to say we were both immersed in art practice and collecting till this day.  The problem with the gallery was that we bought more art than we sold, but no regrets.  So….

During this time of isolation we have been re-hanging and grouping our collection, which has not been easy due to the high ceilings in our house.  Most of the artists are friends and each time we look at the work we remember them.  Judy Burgess, Paul Ropel-Morski, Francis Ward, Doreen Veri, Doug Carter, Lorne Taves, Bryce Kanbara, Robert Yates, Grace Loney and many more.  Each day these pieces fill our hearts and souls.  Our house would be a dreary place without all this colour and creativity surrounding us."

-- James



Want to add to this growing blog?

Send me a Picture and 3-4 sentences that I can share about:

How has the Artists, Gallery or Artwork seen inspired you in the recent months?

 Your Picture can be of:

  • Rehanging a grouping of paintings
  • The art of your garden
  • A New Artwork purchase
  • Your re-appreciation for the art in your home
  • Maybe, even your new or reinvested interest in art supplies



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