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 giving art- earls court gallery

What’s wrapped in brown paper, often is the same shape as a book, and comes with an interactive feature of bubble wrap?




I know, I know, art is so hard to give. However, I can honestly tell you that when I show up at someone’s house or special occasion with a rectangular shaped gift wrapped in brown paper there is a smile instantly found on the receiver’s face. It’s the ultimate surprise and truly one of a kind.

Plus as a bonus feature, you are not only catching the receiver off guard with this gift, you are expanding their horizons while supporting an artist. For 2021, there will also be no logistic shortage on artworks as the economists are calling with other special gifts. You can find a local artist or gallery within your own city.


Earls Court Gallery - gallery artists


Here are a few tips on giving art:

Open Mind: Best way to start, is keeping yourself open to chance. Original artwork is not massed produced, but made by hand- thus leave room for your idea of the gift to flex and evolve.

Small is Okay: If you don’t know the person very well, give a small piece of art that they will not feel obligated to feature in primary areas of their home. As I said above, we are broadening horizons, so they might come around to your selection of art and realize you chose it from a deep emotional place.

Shop Together: You want to purchase a piece for your family and a surprise might lean heavily to your perspective, why not shop together. You can still wrap it up and leave it hung on the wall wrapped, until the big day. Anticipation is good for you.

Ask for Guidance: Gallery associates and artists have met many different types of art collectors. We have an excellent instinct on what someone might like if you start telling us about that person. So, what’s some good information to share? Where and how they live; favorite colours or ones they can’t stand; subject matter of previous pieces; Home style; and even personality to name a few. From this information, the person will make recommendations based on the inventory.

Bring Pictures: When you want to try a new hairstyle, you often bring inspiration pictures. So when you are looking at giving an artwork as a gift consider bringing inspirational pictures of pieces you might have seen somewhere else. Also, bring images of where the artwork might go, or the receiver’s environment, if possible.

GUT: I once heard from a gut doctor that the enzymes in your stomach send messages to your brain about how you feel about something or an action and are often accurate with their messages. If you are feeling deep down in your stomach that this piece of art would make the perfect gift for that special someone, jump and go for it!

Ask about Returns: A lot of galleries like ours offer return dates on artworks as long as it’s made clear at the time of purchase. We will offer a full refund or even let you pick a piece that speaks to you more than the one received.


Earls Court Gallery Sculptures

SHOUT-OUT to the Sculptors

The brown box that looks like an amazon package, but is actually contains a one of a kind sculpture is equally welcomed by all! In fact, for those to seem to have their walls covered in art, a sculpture in glass, metal or ceramic is the perfect gift.


Who wants art as a gift?

Newborns- They already have every baby item, so get them an artwork for their room to grow up with. Plus, they will defiantly not turn it down.

Guardians & Caregivers- Art often comes with strong feelings and messages. Send the message of appreciation through art that will be showcased in the Guardian and Caregivers’ space every day. A little reminder they are loved.

Teachers & Educators- They get their own listing, because they do not really  want another “You are the best teacher mug.” How about a handmade ceramic mug they will boast about to the other teachers!

New Homeowners: The love for art as a gift is strong here, especially if they still have camping chairs as furniture! Art is often the last thought… so give them something to dream towards in the meantime.

Give one, Get one: Give your giver some help, and pick one out for yourself, and allow them to bless you with it. Both parties will be happy about your decision.


It is on Budget!

With the change to making art more digitally accessible, galleries like ours offer shopping online. Use the website’s filters to stay on budget with the investment you want to make. Earls Court Gallery has all the artworks featured online in gallery, so you can also see the artwork in person before you commit.


Book a Shopping Experience

Want to hunt through all the artwork not seen on the walls in the gallery. Set up a time to wander with the curator to find the perfect gift.

Email Andrea Jackman

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