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5 Steps- Bob Builds a Frame

Bob Builds a Frame

Yeah, We have seen you peek your head into the workshop when you come to visit. We also know that when we talk about 'how frames go together' it seems a bit of an abstract concept. 

So, here we are, pulling back the frame shop curtain to give you more insight on how a frame is made at Earls Court Gallery. 

1.   Choose a frame.

All our moulding comes in a 8' or 10' length.

2.   A Frame is made of four sides.

So, measure the artwork twice and cut the moulding into 4 pieces once. Bob works a double blade saw with his foot to cut two angles. 

3.  Join the frame pieces together with V shape staples in the “Under Pinner”. 

Bob's Secret: Add glue to joints for extra strength.

4.   For perfection, fill corner seams with Putty for a blemish free surface.

Putty comes in many different colours. Including a variety of golds. Like white, you would be surprised on how many different gold finishes there are.

5.  The Moment of Truth- Does it fit and how does it look? 

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  • John on

    It looks GOOD. I sure wish I had your tools….and expertise. :)

  • Frances O'Flynn on

    Awesome! I never realized how much work (and math!) goes into creating your beautiful frames. You’re always my first choice for my own art, and (some day when I can afford it again) others’ art to add to my collection. Thanks for the engaging blog!

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