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Michael Adamson

A Private Collection of Large Paintings 
2004 - 2012

On Until December 31, 2017

"Abstract painting, is actually the most straightforward type of painting. There's no illusion,
there's no picture of a thing. It's the most rudimentary way to make art. And yet it's a form that makes a large amount of people nervous." Michael Adamson, 2011
Over the last year, Earls Court Gallery has been presenting bimonthly Online Art Exhibitions via our online store ( It is with great pleasure that we launch into our second year of this virtual endeavor with a selection of Michael Adamson paintings from a private collection, dating from 2004-2012.

An online exhibition and Adamson’s large scale paintings are the perfect combination and
method of sharing his ideas as it reinforces what he has aimed to accomplish for most of his artistic career; challenging society’s expectations of art and artists, question what constitutes art, and dismantling barriers on where art can LIVE and THRIVE.

Now a senior career artist, Adamson began his studies in 1992 at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Exhibiting his paintings immediately after, Adamson’s vibrant abstracts became sought after in one of Canada’s central art hubs, Toronto. Adamson began to exhibit regularly at Moore gallery, and further expanding to such galleries as McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinberg; Michael Gibson Gallery, London; along with many international venues. Furthermore, if you visit Adamson’s personal website, you will see he is not shy about highlight his artwork in the home. The home is the personal gallery and having art in the home reflection of personality of the individual in an expressive way. The home adds further context to Adamson’s paintings and gives them deeper meaning than any formal and stale institutional space could.

It is the intention of this online exhibition that as you view them, your screen becomes your own private gallery. The office, home, or bus you are riding on is virtually splashed with colour and you know that art can LIVE and THRIVE everywhere!

— Andrea Jackman, Curator

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