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Textures in an Artist's Home

The artist's home is more than just a place to rest their creative mind. It is also a "wunderkamer" or "cabinet of curiosities" that offer inspiration to what they create. 

In more general terms, if you look around your home now, I bet a vast majority of what surrounds you is a collection objects that denote significant memories. Each item is placed with care and as a result are a reflection of your personality and what you believe as being important.

Last month, I had the privilege of visiting Cora and Eric Brittan's home and studio. After selecting some new artwork to showcase at the gallery, I took in the personality of their home, which has been created through layers of texture. 

For your enjoyment and some insight into an artist's wunderkamer and home, I captured 8 images that best highlight the importance of texture the leads to both inspiration and comfort for Cora and Eric.



See artwork by Cora Brittan and Eric Brittan


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  • Helen M. Silke on

    I want to thank you for all your interesting posts since covid began. They provide visual treasures and insightful commentary. Also, I am learning about our local artists in an entertaining and often fun way. Thank you again for your creative gift to us.
    Merry Christmas to all and heartfelt wishes for a better new year.

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