The Story of a WET Painting

Laura Culic- Summer Love 60" x 72"

"Summer Love" by Laura Culic
Cold wax, oil and mixed media on wooden panel, 60" x 72"

A new painting arrived by Laura Culic last month, still a bit wet. "Summer Love" was so fresh off the easel that Culic signed the work in the gallery. We hung it immediately, as it was a diptych and difficult to store. The next day a client walked in and fell in Love. 

Now onto the tricky part. The painting had to make its way to British Columbia on a moving truck without having anything touch its curing surfaces. 

So, what does Bob do?



Brace Blocks- Earls Court Gallery

1.   Building blocks.

Bob invented these brackets in his workshop to keep the two panels from touching. (They also double as a stacking game)

Mounting frames- Earls Court Gallery
Putting in screws- Earls Court Gallery

2.   Securing the Brackets

As, I am sure you are learning there is a lot of measuring. Screws are placed at the back of the panels in order to remain out of sight in the future. 

One of six- Earls Court Gallery

3.  "I'm Not Touching You" 

Brackets installed on one panel. Second panel will be slid in without touching the other face of the artwork.

Tension space- Earls Court Gallery

4.   "Can you feel the Tension?"

Both panels are secured by the series of 6 brackets designed by Bob.

I am not touching you! Earls Court gallery

5.  Ready for Boxing. 

These panels are now safe to travel with a simple wrapping of cardboard.


Laura Culic- Earls Court Gallery
Artist Laura Culic signs her painting "Summer Love" at Earls Court Gallery
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Amazing painting & talent at ECG too!


Wow! It is amazing ! You are great!! I am lucky to see it!


Absolutely amazing; creativity is not just for artists (although Bob is an excellent artist as is Andrea – shhhh).
Great story and absolutely beautiful painting; no wonder someone fell in love with it while it was still wet!!


Great story and beautiful painting!

Cathy Bird

Wow. Very impressive, Bob! Oh, and a very impressive painting, too!

Catherine McMenemy

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