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Tricks of the Trade- From Earls Court Gallery

Tricks of the Trade-Earls Court Gallery

Every specialty has its secrets on how to fix what they know best. Framing is no exception. At times, I honestly think you believe we work magic in the frame shop, which we do, but there are a few tricks you too should have in your arsenal too. 

So, commit the following to memory:

 White Eraser- Earls Court Gallery


It must be white. The white eraser is perfect to remove minor marks on mats. It also removes marks found on painted walls that are often created from sliding frames (like metal ones) onto hooks.
WARNING: Red or colored erasers will leave new marks
Black marker


Do you have a little exposed wood in that black frame you love? Run a bit of black marker over the exposed wood, then give a wipe with paper towel to remove excess marker. Most common spots are corners and edges. 
Wire adjustment- Earls Court Gallery


We always leave a bit of extra wire wrapped around the back. This is for a reason. Say you put a hole in your wall, but it is too high/low- You should respond by loosen or tighten the wire to adjust the height of artwork and keeping the same hook in place.
Lighter fuel- Earls Court Gallery


Lighter fluid is a perfect way to remove a sticky substance left by a sticker on the glass. Don't set it on fire. Rather, simply squirt some of the liquid and rub the sticky goo with paper towel and it will lift. May take a couple of passes. Furthermore, it will leave the glass very clean.

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