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What Happens to the ARt...

common art question- earls court gallery

What happens to the Art?

A common question I get asked as an exhibition is coming to a close is:

"What happens to the Art at the End of an Exhibition?"

Well, the answer is:
The balance of an artwork from an exhibition goes in different directions!

  1. Sold artworks go to their new homes!
  2. Earls Court Gallery selects artworks to stay onsite to be displayed
  3. Artworks might go back to the artist’s studio
  4. If the artist is represented by another gallery, the artworks might be triaged to that space
  5. The artist may choose to rework the artwork  

Hope that answers one of the common questions I hear in the gallery.

Be sure to check out some of the artworks from past exhibitions that we have chosen to keep onsite for further viewing! They have been waiting for you!


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