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World of Wonder with Cora Brittan


"High Above the City" Mixed Media 7" x 9"

When did you first become interested in art?
As far back as I can remember I have always been interested in art. In kindergarten, I gravitated instantly towards the easels set up with brushes and pots of paint.
Mexico Studio

What are you working on right now?
I have just finished a series of gold leaf monoprints on japanese paper. Now I will continue with what I was pursuing in my Mexican studio, a floating woman in a dress incorporating a design of many of earth's living things. In this next painting, she will be holding a ball enclosing a Celtic knot. 
What mediums do you work with?
Mixed media. Mostly gesso panels, 22 carat gold and silver leaf gilding and acrylic inks.

Mexican Seed Pods"Mexican Seed Pods"

Ink and Graphite 4" x 4"

Watering with a fish vase 

"Watering with a Fish Vase"

Monoprint 10" x 11.75"

What inspires your work?
My work is generated by an interest in what can be intuited in the still place that is the centre of all things. Concepts sensed in meditation, a way of looking at the world as wondrous and not only what the eyes see. Travelling extensively has also enriched my view of the world. There is so much extraordinary history to be absorbed in all forms of art and in the customs and beliefs layered down through the centuries.
What drives you to working large/medium/small?
That depends on the subject matter. Often, I explore all three sizes in a series of paintings. A small jewel-box representation of an idea and then enlarging on the theme in a larger way.
Which artist/s have influenced your work the most throughout your career?
Many artists have resonated with me, but how I actually represent concepts and use colour and design come from within.

 Hamilton Studio- Cora Brittan

If you were not an artist, what would you be and why?
This question is impossible to answer, because I have never wanted to be anything other than an artist. Although that being said, I have also very much enjoyed teaching mixed media art, calligraphy and design.
How has your artistic practice changed over time?
Over time, I have learned how to see and represent the nucleus of an idea more cleanly and quickly, to keep the essence in my mind as I work.
 Floating Lady
What is your dream project?
To be commissioned to paint a mural, to have the space to incorporate a magical series of ideas.
What would you like others to know about your art that you think is unique?
I believe everyone is unique, but of course artists choose to express themselves in one of the art forms. My work focuses on "everyday wonders", a representation of the world as a place of limitless possibilities.
 "Fish, Ferns and Birds" Cora Brittan

"Fish, Ferns and Birds"  Mixed Media 9.75" x 10.75"

If you could give a younger artist some advice what would it be?
If you really want to be an artist don't give up, keep on learning every day. Try not to judge the outcome, we are our own harshest critics and that holds us back from the joy of creating.
Can you tell us about the sacrifices and reward of a long artistic Career?
Having the priviledge of working at honing your artistic ability does not feel like a sacrifice. And the reward?.... seeing your vision emerge as an image even though perfecting it takes a lifetime.
What kind of experience do you want the viewer to walk away with?
I would hope the viewer would feel uplifted.

Out to a mystic sky- Cora Brittan

"Out to a Mystical Sky" Silver Leaf, Inks and Gesso Board 6" x 6"



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  • Judy Horsley on

    I really enjoy hearing about Cora’s ideas about the world and the work that represents her view of it.

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