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Ron Eady was born in Toronto and is now based in Hamilton. Eady’s works have been featured in numerous publications, he has exhibited internationally and his paintings can be found in such collection as the Government of Ontario, Toronto; the Varley Gallery, Markham; and City of Sagamihara Art Collection, Sagamihara Japan as well as private collections in the USA, Canada, Japan and China. Ron Eady currently works out of his studios in Hamilton and in the village of Rosseau, Muskoka.

"With the sculpture it’s pretty certain that I will work on a head or figure type form that usually starts with 100 year old wood beams. It’s a process of working with chainsaws then chisels till a personality emerges that I follow further.

In the painting studio, I decide which series of works I am currently motivated or inspired to work on and whether the medium is encaustic, oils or acrylics.....if for example, I have an exhibition scheduled in the Industrial landscape theme then I focus my energy in that direction etc....There are a few different series of works that I continue to explore which get my creative juices flowing, it keeps me feeling fresh and inspired."