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Born in southern Ontario, Victoria has continued to study at the Halliburton School of Fine Arts, Neilson Park and the Burlington Art Centre. She currently paints from her studio in Hamilton, her cottage in Halliburton and lives in her home in Oakville, with her husband and three children.

Victoria’s dramatic skies have become her signature, inviting the viewer to consider the heavens while pondering the wonders of a flower’s bloom. Flowers painted from the perspective of an ant provide a striking contrast to the clouds and sky that frame these still life images. The juxtaposition creates a surreal feeling to the viewer.

Victoria’s most recent series includes extensions of the original image in which she further explores the energy of the study. The additional panels include the progression of the initial recognizable form to its final abstraction.


"Sitting and looking closely at my photo record of the wondrous places I have paddled or hiked gets me in the mindset to create. Maybe it’s the nature of the labyrinth style I work in that fully immerses me for it requires I be fully present in a meditative state of mind."