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“[Abstract] Art ... does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect.”

“Abstract #X”  highlights three different perspectives and approaches to abstraction. We are excited to welcome Johnnene Maddison (London), Elizabeth McQueen (Dundas), and Margot Roi (Hamilton/Oakville).

Johnnene Maddison wasn’t always an abstract artist. In fact, she is a accomplished watercolorist who looked to still life and figurative subject matters before life took her on a journey of trail/loss and found deep hope in abstraction. Maddison noted in her studio that the body of work she is presenting is able to communicate feelings that cannot be simply put into definite forms.

Elizabeth McQueen uses abstraction to break down the expression of land. McQueen picks up on the embedded forms of land, but layers in its energy with gestural strokes of bold colours. Her work is often a reflection on the views from her northern studio, southwest of North bay or the ever changing colours that the seasons bring.

Margot Roi focuses and responds to intuitive mark making. Her paintings exhibit flowing marks that suggest individual thoughts and continuous return to the canvas to get the painting to its final composition. Roi states, “Throughout her artwork, she concentrates on breathing and the anticipation of exhaling in the moment of execution. This transformation of narrative encourages a tension and release dialogue with the viewer.”

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