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March 23 - April 29, 2023

Opening Reception- Thurs. March 23, 2023 | 7  - 9 pm


This body of work is created in response to the powerful impressions made upon me during several epic, and smaller scale journeys made within Canada over the past two years. These paintings, I feel, express a sense of the light, movement, energy, and spaciousness that affected me powerfully during my travels.

 My travel experiences - including road trips to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans; twice to Yukon Territories; as well as paddling trips in Algonquin - were not documented on film or paper, however, myriad impressions of my adventures were absorbed and carried within. Impressions and perceptions became distilled, and gradually percolated and coalesced into landscapes: landscapes not of geographically specific places or scenes, but filtered through time, memory and imagination into paintings that explore the themes of boundlessness and adventure. In painting these works I’ve been transported back into the sensations of expansiveness and exposure to the elements, and I’ve felt a keen sense of satisfaction in channeling these impressions to convey my fervent love of the land.

 -- Laura Culic 2023

 About the Artist

Laura Culic studio Earls Court Gallery Laura Culic studio Earls Court Gallery

Laura Culic’s paintings are based on many of the diverse ideas that inspire and interest her, including mapping and geography; exploration, travel and navigation; environmental conservation; ancient science; history; memory; the natural world and our place in it. And while they’re about these things, each painting is, in itself, an expression of a story. Culic paints full time in her cozy quiet studio, in Toronto. Whenever she can, Culic nurtures her restless spirit and refreshes her inspiration by taking long motorcycle trips, camping with her kids, paddling or hiking. Culic studied fine art and illustration at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Culic’s works have won various awards, and are part of many corporate and private art collections, as well as the Art Collection of the Government of Ontario.