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Well, the love for Ceramics is real!

We thought we would expand "Ceramics Uncovered" by adding another layer to the online exhibition. You can now explore work by Madelaine Ward's daughter Frances Ward. 

Frances Ward's ceramics offer a reflection on her mother's work. Her ceramics denote similar shapes, but a modern and edger spin. The organic plate titled "Windows and Memories", as exemplified in the promotional image, uses lace pressed into the ceramic. The lace imprint speaks of a time past, yet the black washing over the warm ceramic gives it an industrial modern feel. France Ward is exemplifying her inspiration found in Hamilton and love for her mother. Two strong creatives. 

Ceramics Uncovered features 25 sculptures from the late Dundas Artist Madelaine Ward. Over the past couple of months her daughter and artist Francis Ward has been cleaning up house. She recently uncovered this treasure trove of ceramics done in the 80s by her mother, Madelaine Ward. Much of the artworks would have been crafted in the studios at Dundas Valley School of Art or her home studio. 

The ceramics were created using the hand building technique, specifically slab building. At a raw stage the clay would be rolled out, and cut with precision. Ward exemplifies precision in her ability to created lidded vessels that are cube shape and maintain shape post firing them in the kiln. (Ceramics can shrink during this process.) 

Ward used two methods for finishing the ceramics. Most common, is 'Kiln firing'. By way of an electric hot chamber, known as a kiln, the clay solidifies into a firm state. It then can be glazed (painted with pigment) and "fired" again to bring out the colour. This kind of ceramic is food and often dishwasher safe. 

The second method Ward exploited is known as Raku. Raku uses a wood burning kiln at a much lower temperature. The pottery is removed when raging hot and placed with combustable material like wood chips and news papers, then left outside in the elements to cool. This technique is exemplified in the White Cylinder series where Ward uses white glaze that crackles with the combustable material. Another marker of Raku is the charcoal like colour that is left on unglazed surfaces.

Ceramics are also featured in Gallery.

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MADELAINE WARD (1934 - 2014) is a Canadian impressionist born and educated in England, where she received Distinction in Art throughout high school and college. In 1963, she emigrated to Canada, settling in Dundas, Ontario. Over the years, her work has been accepted in numerous juried shows and is included in private and corporate collections in Canada and U.S.A. i.e. the Workmen’s Compensation Board (Toronto), Hamilton Automobile Club and the McMaster Faculty Club. She has been represented for many years by the Art Gallery of Hamilton (Sales and Rentals), was a founding and long time member of the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas and a regular contributor to the Dundas Valley School of Art annual auction including works accepted for live auction. Her estate is now represented by Earls Court Gallery.

 Visit her page for more biographical information and paintings that are also available


FRANCES WARD is a mixed and multi-media artist who has created works with paint, collage, assemblage, printmaking, photography and, most recently, clay. Having grown up with an artist for a mother, she was exposed to various methods of artistic expression from an early age. She started working with clay in 2012, taking courses at the Dundas Valley School of Art and the Art Gallery of Burlington. Ward currently creates hand-built functional and decorative objects such as bowls, vessels, platters, and jewelry in her home studio. She is currently a member of the Burlington and Hamilton Potters Guilds and the Burlington Fine Arts Association.