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Works on Paper

"In my mind, the artist has an opportunity to celebrate beauty and reflect the wonder and mystery of things seen and unseen" 
- Cora Brittan, "As an Artist" interview by Kelly Drennan, 2018


Cora Brittan's artwork is undeniably recognizable for its charming characters and whimsical scenes. Her warm illustrations match Cora's ability to light up a room with a bright and playful personality.  

Cora's current methods are inspired by her artistic genesis in illumination, which is the art of decorating a text, page, or initial letter with ornamental designs, images, or lettering. Today, she is classified as a mixed media artist, using materials like Silver Leaf, Lightfast inks, 22-Carat Gold, Encaustic, and more, often working on different types of paper or gesso on board. No matter the medium, her expert training is translated into a peaceful practice, resulting in gleaming artworks that spread instant joy. 

The content of her work is inspired by the beauty of the earth that is witnessed and acknowledged each day. Cora and her husband, Eric, live in Hamilton but spend winter months in Mexico, where they share an additional studio space and produce artwork inspired by their warm, colourful surroundings. 
Cora's artistic goals are driven by her sincerity in wanting to emphasize the world's beauty. In a 2018 interview, Cora was asked what she'd like her viewers to take away from her artwork. Cora responded with, "A sense of joy, a feeling that everything is not as it seems, that life isn't confined to a rigid, impenetrable box, the edges can bend or disappear altogether". There is no mistaking that Cora achieves this through her artistic practice. Her works are undeniably “Cora”, and it makes them all the more wonderful.

- Aurora Cacioppo, Interim Curator

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