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[June 23, 2021]

Marcelo Suaznabar- Creatures & Demon: An Exploration into Ceramics

[Hamilton, ON,]   Earls Court Gallery is excited to present Creatures & Demons in gallery that opens July 29, 2021, featuring new artworks by Marcelo Suaznabar. Over the last year and for the first time, Suaznabar pivoted away from oil painting to ceramics. With the guidance of Raymond Chau, Suaznabar’s creatures and demons’ forms from his ambitious paintings have taken on three-dimensional living realities.

Featured in the main Gallery, Suaznabar’s sculptures transport and welcome you to believe in creatures and demons with multiple faces, skins embedded with horns, and toothy mischievous smiles.  Over 38 sculptures will be showcased along with a series of miniature oils encased in baroque like frames.  All artworks will be featured online along with a virtual tour. Entry is free.

Creatures & Demons exhibition can be viewed in person at 215 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton. Earls Court Gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday 10 am to 4 pm. Due to current Covid19 restrictions, we will limit the space to 15 people at a time. Viewing appointments are welcomed.


Artist Meet & Greet

with Marcelo Suaznabar

Saturday August 7, 2021   12 - 3 pm

*Safety Covid19 Protocols will be in place which include mandatory mask and physical distancing. Guests will be asked to sign in. Limit of 15 people to the exhibit space, though 25 to both exhibition spaces. 

No Reservations Required.



Visit "Creatures & Demons" Virtually


“I consider that it is important to explore creativity in new ways that are outside of your comfort zone, leading to the experience of ‘trial and error.’   I free my mind to follow my imagination and let my ideas run with the flow of emerging creativity.   Nature, time, and the beauty of the human mind are aspects that motivate creativity. 

My imagination takes me to mysterious places, and art allows me to share those other realities, as I seek to draw the unconscious into consciousness through surreal images, to offer access to the subconscious.”   -- Artist Marcelo Suaznabar




From the beginning of my career, angels and demons -in an eternal dispute between good and evil- were part of my artwork. This series was called Sacred Art, but as I progressed with the body of work, the demons and temptations dominated the space in my canvases and I was leaving in the past themes of celestial beings.

 I stayed with the demons series for a long time, while constantly incorporating strange creatures into the theme. Then, I let them rest while I was working on new series. It felt like these demons and creatures were sleeping in my mind.  At the beginning of 2020, I woke them up again. I turned to represent these demons and strange creatures in small-format paintings, as well as exploring three-dimensional ceramic technics. 

I must say that these demons and creatures are the results of the continued creative process of searching for new forms of expressing my creativity.  Through the use of clay and different sculptural techniques, I can explore my art in different ways. Giving a volume and modeling shape to these creatures is something that I was not been able to experiment with before. The different types of clay, combination of glaze colors and manipulation of the soft material allow me transposed these strange personages from my existing paintings into three dimensions living beings giving them a new reality. 

Furthermore, creating a creature in a three-dimensional format is allowing me to paint on a canvas with different textures, dimensionality, and perspectives.  

I find it fascinating to transfer the ideas of these strange arthro- and zoomorphic creatures to sculptural artworks with the direct touch of my hands, giving them form, volume and space within our reality. This process is opening up an infinity of possibilities for me to continue to explore and innovate my hungry creative drive.



Born in 1970 in the mining city of Oruro, located in the mid-western part of Bolivia. From an early age, he had a passion for drawing, motivated by his uncle Enrique Suaznabar, a professional photographer who lived in the same city. Focusing solely on drawings as the main motor of his creations, he has shown a great interest in the colour and began exploring watercolors, pastels, and colored pencils. His focus was painting insects, animals, houses and portraits on paper and cardboards. Marcelo developed a great amount of his work, as Oruro possesses mystical energy in its surroundings and has a strong folkloric tradition; its carnival was declared by UNESCO as Oral and Intangible Patrimony of Humanity.

His early works were heavily focused on religious themes. This first phase in his career was influenced by colonial baroque artists such as Bolivian. Then he became engaged in the exploration of a more subtle symbolic language. The landscape of his childhood and the memory of the scenery follows him– it is magical with great power and energy. The images in Marcelo’s paintings are whimsical, complex, absurd and surreal. These images appear to him randomly and he sketches these to not lose the phantasm.


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