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Since 2010, Dara Aram’s paintings have graced the walls of Earls Court Gallery. Today, the gallery is pleased to present an online exhibition of the artist’s abstract paintings from August 1 to September 31, 2019. Please scroll through the pages of available artworks, and please know you are welcome to visit the gallery to view them during our hours of operation.

Originally from Kurdistan, Dara holds a strong connection to his home country. Early in his career, Dara’s art was deeply inspired by politics. Dara used his art as a method of communicating the horrors that occurred during Saddam Hussein’s Anfal campaign, in which some 180,000 Kurds are thought to have been murdered, many of them being childhood friends of the artist.

While this history is still incredibly significant, Dara has explored other subjects in his practice and his work has evolved from strong realism to abstract paintings. Peaceful imagery has become his current premise, often depicting soft lines and shapes. Currently, Dara’s paintings are inspired by Canadian views. Long figures appear to be floating within colourful abstract landscapes, depicting the connection between nature and the human form.

Dara is inspired by artists like Willem de Kooning, Gerhard Richter, and Anselm Keifer. Through differing techniques, his influencers create powerful abstracts that are present in components of Dara’s work. Using acrylic on canvas and many different tools to achieve varying textures, Dara produces colourful and inspiring abstract paintings. Dara Aram, without a doubt, is a prolific artist whose work can brighten a space and spark conversation.

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