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Donna Fratesi


Artist Statement

For many years I worked in watercolour but found myself searching for other mediums to further express what I felt and discovered acrylics. As an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in watercolour I have been fortunate to meet and be inspired by some of Canada's best artists.  Taking what I have learned from not only watercolour painters but some of the best of North Americas artists like Burton Silverman, Mark Mehaffey and Brian Atyeo,  helped me realize my journey on canvas. I cannot imagine a day without my brushes and my paints.  These define me.


I see things as a whole.  Shapes, light, dark , something clicks and I need to get it down.  I like old things, houses, streets, structures, things that say they are not going away.  In between the streets I paint florals.  The pushing of colours, the chance to lose line and edges excites me.  I paint on canvas with heavy body paint and a glazing medium in lieu of water.  I am always trying to push that colour a little further.  I want to make someone looking at my painting feel and see that I am trying to tell you, “Here” is what matters, here is “Home”.  Here and now is what is important.  It's not complicated! It is my impression of  life.