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Cora Brittan - Eric Brittan - Gerard Brender à Brandis

until November 17, 2018


To flourish means to bloom as a result of a pleasant and stimulating environment. This exhibition presents new artworks by Gerard Brender à Brandis, Cora Brittan and Eric Brittan that capture blooming botanicals, whimsical portraits and glowing scenes. Each piece shows its subjects growing, flowering or thriving in their environments and as a result, transforms the gallery into a rejuvenating space.

Dedicating this selection of his works to the “International Year of the Plant,” Gerard’s wood engravings encapsulate the intricate and beautiful details of each flower as it grows and blooms. While his prints are small, they invite visitors to take time to observe and appreciate every detail in his masterful engravings.

Cora’s playful illustrations are filled with vibrant colours, charming characters and wondrous worlds. Her art is illuminated by her materials, which include flakes of gold and silver leaf, but Cora’s humour shines through just as bright. Each work radiates with joie de vivre.

Eric’s new paintings capture special moments when the world is quiet. As the sun rises or falls, familiar scenes are enriched with friendly hummingbirds, cuervos, and the ancient symbol of birds, which represents spiritual messengers.

Flourish highlights the bold new works of Gerard, Cora and Eric, and produces an inviting and enchanting environment for visitors to immerse themselves in.

Aurora Cacioppo, Interim Curator

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