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"Untitled (Scratching Animal)"

Joshim Kakegamic (1952-1993)

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"Untitled (Scratching Animal)"
Acrylic on Paper

Artist Bio:

Josh Kakegamic was born in 1952 at Sandy Lake, a First Nation reserve located in the northern regions of  Ontario (Canada). Josh and his brother Goyce started painting in their teens, influenced by their brother-in-law Norval Morrisseau and Cree artist Carl Ray. In the 1970’s, the work of both Josh and Goyce became more and more known through Canada. Their work was exhibited in several galleries and museums. Josh and Goyce were seen as professional artists. 

In 1973, Josh and his brothers, Goyce and Henry, started their own printing company, Triple K, which existed for ten years. Apart from printing their own work, they printed the work of many other artists, such as Norval Morrisseau, Saul Williams, and Barry and Paddy Peters. The company enabled them to present themselves and their work in a straight, independent, and unique way. Reflections of the cultural and spiritual heritage of his Cree ancestors are seen in the work of Josh, which were then preserved for the next generation of Cree. Josh tragically drowned in 1993 when contributing to a rescue mission.

Josh Kakegamic's work is in private and public collections in Canada and abroad including Simon Fraser University Art Center, the McMichael Canadian Collection, The Royal Ontario Museum and others.

(Seventh Generation Gallery)

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