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 Interpretive Layers

 August 31- September 30, 2023

Opening Reception | Thursday, August 31, 7 - 9 pm


[ANNOUNCEMENT, August 9, 2023]- Earls Court Gallery is excited to launch into the Fall season with the vibrant exhibition INTERPRETIVE LAYERS featuring new paintings by Toronto artist Dara Aram and Dundas artist Iris McDermott.

For Dara Aram and Iris McDermott the practice of painting has become an activity designed to reinforce their interpretive skill of their chosen subjects of landscape or still life objects.

The application of paint in multiple layers is utilized by Dara Aram to execute his observations of the changing seasons both within self and landscape. Taking time to understand his origin and the space that surrounds him, Dara Aram creates vibrant abstract interpretations. These interpretations often are rooted in landscape and suggest a ground and sky for the viewer to launch their own interpretation from.

By way of observation and the ability to harness saturated colours, Iris McDermott interprets a collection of still life objects onto multiple planes. Some objects seem to leap over the others, while water jugs gently grace a flowing table cloth. McDermott’s tenderness for these objects is further exposed in the lively gestural marks giving the objects lifelike portrayals in her paintings.

INTERPRETIVE LAYERS exhibition can be viewed in person at 215 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton. Earls Court Gallery is open Tuesday – Friday 10 am to 5 pm and Saturday 10 am to 4 pm. The artworks will be featured in the main gallery. All artworks will be featured online upon installation.

Entry is free | Family Friendly | Fully Accessible | Groups Welcomed


Curator Andrea Jackman

Earls Court Gallery, 215 Ottawa St. N, Hamilton




 Dara Aram art studio


My recent work is a continuation of past and present subjects including the Environment, Children and Women’s oppression combined with the struggles and the displacement of humans found in today's complex world. Presently, I am producing a body of work experimenting and expressing myself with thin, whimsical, figurative forms within abstracted, thick, textured layers of acrylic paint in my landscape works. I use mixed media that includes a variety of construction and metal tools to assist in my free expression. The works are simplified, depicting three main layers of strata floating within splashes of abstracted forms found amidst the horizon lines, orchestrating the history and music of time and the ever-changing environmental landscape. My expressions of the importance for environmental and preservation of our earth is of hope, peace and harmony for today and for the future.

Iris Mcdermott


I paint what I love; whether interiors, landscapes or still life. My paintings start from observation; I respond intuitively to what I see and to what is on the page. I like to interpret my surroundings so that the painting becomes an experience rather than a depiction. It is my hope that I convey to the viewer the joy I feel I when I’m creating my work. I will continue to paint; there is always a painting in front of me. I can’t imagine not painting.