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Lyrics of the Land



Meet the Artists

Sue Archibald

Many of my images are created from my imagination. My work is narrative, colourful and appeals to people on multiple levels.   Regardless of what is painted my style remains consistent. Images are a little playful and a little folksy, with a sense of whimsy and playfulness. 
While my work may seem charming, the viewer is invited to uncover meaning and thought that may be buried within the contextual surface. 
I work on developing a composition, using colour, charcoal and pencil to energize and heighten the quality of the surface. Leaving the charcoal drawing marks exposes part of my process.

Wendy Bermingham

As an artist of the contemporary landscape, what currently captivates me, is the complexity ofshapes and colours found in forests and their wild, tangled undergrowth. I use both brush and palette knife to bring to life the textures and patterns I see. I delight in the exploration of colour and composition to create a sense of movement and flow in my paintings. I have a deep connection to nature and to design. They both attract me with their endless bouquet of complex shapes. I’m especially attracted to the lines, patterns and curves of trees and the flora and fauna that lie at the periphery of forests. I love the abstract shapes, the tangled lines and textured patterns that all swirl together in a kaleidoscope of colour. Working back and forth, I add and remove paint to create patterns in leaves, fine lines and abstract shapes. I'm willing to let new things emerge and direct how my painting will look in the end. This is when I'm most happy as an artist. I want the viewer to see every brush of paint, to feel the motion of my palette knife and to discover upon closer inspection a secret world found in the ordinary.

Jenn Wilkins 

After receiving her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from Western University, Jenn traveled extensively. She started in Europe and ended up in Cape Town, South Africa where she lived and her passion for painting was rekindled. Jenn continued to paint through the 1980’s and 90’s taking workshops in between raising a family.She is currently a full-time professional artist working out of her studio, along with other artists, housed in the historical Tremont in Collingwood, On. Her work is widely sought after to fill a variety of spaces Internationally and across North America from corporate to high rise condos to Georgian Bay cottages. Her paintings have appeared in our homes magazine, numerous Galleries, Designer Boutiques,and professional offices.

Laurie Wonfor Nolan

A graduate of the Sheridan College Illustration program, Laurie started her career as a commercial artist in 1983. She began combining those skills with her love of the land and began painting in 1996. Three years later she had her first solo show of large scale ‘plein air’ landscapes in Toronto. Although, painting in the landscape continues to be a large part of her art practice, new subjects, ideas and inspiration

found everwhere propel her as an artist. Laurie began teaching in 2008 offering a variety of classes and workshops at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts, Dundas Valley School of Art, as well as in her loft studio in Hespeler, ON.Today, Laurie’s residence, studio and gallery space are located in a renovated church in beautiful Roseville (Ayr), ON. A haven for painters and art lovers, mentorship programs, private sessions and plein air classes are offered during this time. Gallery is open for private appointments unless otherwise posted.Laurie’s work can be found in corporate and private collections in Canada, USA, Italy, Germany and Austria. Awards include the Bernice Adams Memorial Award for Visual Art and the KW Women of Distinction Award for Arts and Culture.