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Wendy Bermingham

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Oil on Panel

30" x 40"



"As an artist of the contemporary landscape, what currently captivates me, is the complexity of shapes and colours found in forests and their wild, tangled undergrowth. I use both brush and palette knife to bring to life the textures and patterns I see. I delight in the exploration of colour and composition to create a sense of movement and flow in my paintings. I have a deep connection to nature and to design. They both attract me with their endless bouquet of complex shapes. I’m especially attracted to the lines, patterns and curves of trees and the flora and fauna that lie at the periphery of forests. I love the abstract shapes, the tangled lines and textured patterns that all swirl together in a kaleidoscope of colour. Working back and forth, I add and remove paint to create patterns in leaves, fine lines and abstract shapes. I'm willing to let new things emerge and direct how my painting will look in the end. This is when I'm most happy as an artist. I want the viewer to see every brush of paint, to feel the motion of my palette knife and to discover upon closer inspection a secret world found in the ordinary." -Wendy Bermingham

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