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"I was born in Hungary in 1954. During my school years I began to draw and paint under the guidance of local artists – teachers. I always belonged to an Art Club where I was experimenting with oil, watercolor and charcoal drawing. In the fall of 1977 I came to Canada where I continued drawing and painting at home beside my full time job. I also took night courses, in Hamilton and Dundas. In the beginning of 1984 I became interested in cartoon drawing. The local newspaper published my work in the Editorials, for a few years. In 1993 a local sculptor, introduced me to bronze casting. He became my mentor, and I served my apprenticeship of ten years with him. I have been working with the lost-wax method an experimenting new ways to cast bronze economically to achieve the desired surface on the casted piece." 
- Sandor Monos

Artist Statement

I’ve been drawing, carving, painting all my life, perhaps longer. I just don’t remember.

Growing up I had good guidance on how to put ideas into form from teachers, friends and company I kept and valued.

To show what is there is a great skill, craft, nothing less than art. But the goal is to go beyond that. The hard part is to cross the line, when you will show more than the reality, and do it with a simple form that you don’t have to explain. The figure is just to manifest the thought. It has no face, because it is an idea.

Casting all that work in bronze is a skill. One mistake and I am back with the idea. It tests me all the time.