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 Ternion Wonders


“Ternion Wonders”

Cora Brittan | Eric Brittan | Lisa Stead


Opening Reception    Sat. July 30, 2022   | 12 – 3 pm


[Hamilton, ON, July 7, 2022]-Earls Court Gallery is excited to present “Ternion Wonders” in Gallery starting Thursday, July 28, 2022, showcasing new paintings by artists Cora Brittan (Hamilton), Eric Brittan (Hamilton), and Lisa Stead (London).

As the title of the exhibition implies, wonders are being explored by each of the three individual artists: Cora Brittan, Eric Brittan, and Lisa Stead. Individually, the artist creates a visual world in which wonder and curiosity of how subjects and art aesthetics interact with one another.

“…I wonder if I could float a girl on a leaf and have it pulled by a whale.”

“…I wonder what those silly common sparrows are doing with all those wires.”

“…I wonder how abstract art can allow me to relinquish control and pull at my emotions to take me away.”

This trio of artists explores three very different styles, but at the foundation of their visual depiction is wonder. They allow their thoughts to meander to places less trekked and share those images with us. Shall we join their journey of wonder?

The paintings will be featured in the vast main gallery. All artworks will be featured online upon installation. Entry is free and family friendly.

“Ternion Wonders” exhibition can be viewed in person at 215 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton. Earls Court Gallery is open Tuesday – Friday 10 am to 5 pm and Saturday 10 am to 4 pm.

Cora Brittan - Earls Court Gallery


Cora is a mixed media artist and calligrapher whose techniques and materials include light fast inks, gold and silver leafing and lino (softoleum) printing.

Her work has been exhibited in a number of galleries in Ontario and Mexico, and included in collections in Toronto, Seneca College; Queen’s College; Cambridge, UK; and Japan. She has taught at Sheridan and Mohawk College, the Art Gallery of Burlington and the National Institute of Design in India.

Eric Brittan - Earls Court Gallery


While working on the first of these new paintings, I noticed an old interest emerging. I realized that, through this work, I was trying to communicate the qualities I experience when looking at everyday things. I feel that these qualities arise from a natural if subconscious connection we have to the five elements of earth, fire, water, air, and ether, which I believe are the subtle forms behind the physical appearance of everything.

I hoped my paintings would trigger in the viewer an experience of form, light, space, and atmosphere—bringing into focus the powerful energy of everyday things in the natural world. I have always been drawn to the beauty of the way things look to me, rather than a conceptual or abstract exploration of ideas about them.

 In all of my work I use basic geometry and math in organizing the composition. I believe this brings a sense of stillness and order to the paintings.

Since I retired from teaching, my wife and I have spent winters in St Kitts, West Indies and the Pacific coast of Mexico. We now spend 6 months in Mexico and the other half of the year in the beach house studio in Canada.

Lisa Stead- Earls Court Gallery


Lisa Stead is a fulltime abstract artist residing in London, Ontario. She works predominantly with a mix of acrylics and mixed media. Her studies of visual arts, graphic design and photography in post-secondary education, have helped shape her compositions. Her works are entirely non-objective statements that are studies of organic forms, pattern, colour and movement as it relates to deep connections found in nature.

“My process is deeply intuitive with an unrestricted approach, heavily influenced by music as I move to create harmony and balance within the chaotic compositions. I’m inspired by the elements of earth, water and air, and combine mixed medias of colour, form and markings to emulate natures natural production of repetition and spontaneous characteristics. As the many layers of mixed media overlap, my composition starts to show itself and the story of each piece is revealed. I work to invoke an emotional response for the viewer with a sense of belonging and pleasure.”


Artwork Released July 28, 2022.