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The Gallery Artist- Earls Court Gallery


The objective of this exhibition is to not only highlight the foundation of artists that make up the artistic views you see at Earls Court Gallery on a regular basis, but also to explain the term "gallery artist".

The best way to explore this topic that can get quickly overwhelming with information is to do a little question and answer:


What is a “Gallery Artist”?

A Gallery Artist is a designation we give to an artist that is represented by the Gallery. You will only find these artists at Earls Court Gallery and nowhere else in Hamilton.

Why has the Gallery chosen these particular artists?

Earls Court Gallery has searched out these artists as they exemplify the best technique in their medium and/or creative ideas. 

Why does an artist want gallery representation?

One main reason for representation is that it lets the artist focus on their artistic practice. The gallery is readily available to the public during regular hours for viewing and answer any questions. A good gallery knows their artist's work intimately, so talking to the curator is similar in talking with the artist.

Galleries also assist with getting an artist's artwork into the public eye. Galleries such as ours invest in our social media content, advertising, getting artists reviews on exhibitions and even featured on televisions.

What are some of the perks of being a Gallery Artist at Earls Court Gallery?

Our artists are able to exhibit a few of their works year round in our 5,000 square foot space. Plus they are offered a solo or dual or group shows every two years. So watch out for their next feature in the main gallery! 

What is a commercial Art Gallery?

A Commercial Art Gallery is a Public Gallery, meaning all are welcome to view each exhibition without paying a entrance fee. Plus, If there is an artwork you like from a current exhibition, you can purchase it and start making your own collection at home.

 Who sets the prices of the artwork?

Artists always set their own prices; the Gallery does not. This ensures that the artwork is priced the same at the artist's studio, other galleries, any anywhere around the world. 


One main idea to take away from this exhibition, is that when you select an artwork  by one of our Gallery Artists to join your collection, you are also supporting an individual's livelihood. Plus, the best feeling is knowing that your truly have ONE OF A KIND!