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Trekking North to Pangnirtung

Earls Court Gallery has always been captivated by the Inuit’s culture and artistic heritage. Over the years,

our series of “Cold Front” exhibitions, held in the main gallery biannually, have strived to increase Hamilton and

the surrounding community’s knowledge of the Inuit’s oral stories, beliefs, culture, and natural environments

via visual arts. It is with the assistance of Nunavut Development Corporation and the Uqqurmiut Centre that

we present this small collection of original etchings, stencil, and Lino cut prints from artists in Pangnirtung,

Nunavut. Many of us may not make our way to Baffin Island, so it is the intent of this exhibition to offer a small

sample of what “Trekking North to Pangnirtung” can be like and the visions that might be seen. We greatly

respect and appreciate the work produced by the Inuit artists in this exhibition and we hope

that you are inspired.