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VIEW LIFE- Earls court Gallery

January 13 – February 18, 2023 

Watch for Q & A Blogs with each artist


[Announcement- December 21, 2022]- Earls Court Gallery is excited to launch its 2023 exhibition calendar with “VIEW LIFE” featuring Mimmo Baronello (Toronto), Brenda Nieves (Toronto), and Diana Rosa (Toronto).

“VIEW LIFE” brings together three artists that explore the changes and possibilities in life which can provide tenacious viewpoints. Mimmo Baronello explores how humanity is entwined with the flora and the fauna. Through oil painting, Baronello collages found objects, figures and animals in a way that showcases their interdependence on both positive and negative actions of each other.

Brenda Nieves sculpts figurative forms that slip between reality and mythical stories to offer perspectives on how we choose to live. In exploring the otherness of myths, Nieves attempts to depict the emerging perseverance and power of the human spirit.

Born and raised in Cuba, Diana Rosa employs a Naïve Folk-Art style to explore questions of identity, love, relationship and environment in our society. Rosa’s paintings are big and bold; easily captivating the viewer and requesting them to consider their significance.

“VIEW LIFE” exhibition can be viewed in person at 215 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton. Earls Court Gallery is open Tuesday – Friday 10 am to 5 pm and Saturday 10 am to 4 pm. The artworks will be featured in the main gallery. All artworks will be featured online upon installation.

Entry is free | Family Friendly | Fully Accessible | Groups Welcomed


About the Artists


Born and raised in Sicily, Mimmo Baronello graduated with honours from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan. He worked in Milan, Rome and New York before moving to Toronto in 1998. He explores the morphing of nature in a polluted environment, which mirrors our own struggle to adapt to fast and pervasive technological changes. His art blends the mannerist and baroque style present in Sicilian culture and architecture, with contemporary imagery from Canadian natural richness; crowns, eggs, blossoms and light remind us that renewal and hope are inevitable.

Brenda Nieves- Earls Court Gallery


is an emerging artist works out of her studio in the Junction, Toronto. Nieves’ work has been shown in group exhibitions at the Gardiner Museum and Art Gallery of Burlington and is collected in private collections. Nieves’ artworks reveal a reflection of her individuality as she forms each malleable chunk of clay. She is driven to create sculptures that show the good aspirations of human nature and her respect for the natural world. Life is precious and offers new unanticipated possibilities that she hopes to capture in clay if only a morsel of the experience.

Diana Rosa- Earls Court Gallery


takes inspirations from an alternative upbringing where she closely connected with the natural landscape around her. Born and raised in Cuba shaped her perspective on nature and how humans interact with land, animals and each other. She employed a Naïve Folk-Art style to explore questions of identity, love, relationship and environment in our society. Her paintings often had strong autobiographical elements and mixed realism with fantasy. Now living in an urban environment in Ontario, Canada, Diana aims to show our relationship to the world around us through the versatile medium of acrylic paint. She uses sharp brush strokes, contrasting textures, and a variety of acrylic mediums, commenting on our human emotions.