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Bob Making Frames

The right frame can change the entire look of an image. Whether you want the item to be accentuated or cohesively coexist with the frame, a quality choice frame will make all the difference. When you get a custom frame from Earls Court Gallery, we take the time to measure, cut, and fit each frame by hand; all framing is done on site. Local artists in Hamilton and the surrounding area trust Earls Court Gallery to showcase their artworks in the best possible way.

We can fashion frames in many different styles from classic and minimalist designs to the most complex and elaborate patterns.Choosing the best frame can be overwhelming. Book an in-person appointment to receive professional guidance, a quote and the perfect fit, all at museum-quality standards.

For more information, see our blog posts highlighting the framing process, "5 steps of frame building" and "Get Framed." 

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Frame Suppliers

Fotiou Frame supplier       Larson Juhl Frame supplier