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Cornelius Krieghoff

Cornelius Krieghoff

Untitled (Woman with Donkey)

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Untitled (Woman with Donkey)
12" x 9.5"
Oil on board

Original Framing
Signed, bottom left corner


BIOGRAPHY (from the Canadian Encyclopedia)

Cornelius David Krieghoff, artist (b at Amsterdam, Holland 19 June 1815; d at Chicago, Ill 8 Mar 1872). Cornelius Krieghoff's interpretations of life in mid-19th century Québec were as well-known and sought after in his own lifetime as they are today. This artist with an entrepreneurial bent was prolific: an estimated 1500 to 1800 paintings and prints suggest a ready and eager market for his images of rural francophones, aboriginal peoples, leisure sports, and landscapes and portraits. "There is hardly a Canadian home without some memento of him" claimed the artist's obituary. He was much imitated in his own time, and the enduring value of Krieghoff's works has encouraged forgery in ours. Seldom in the past 30 years has an auction of Canadian art not included at least one painting "by,""attributed to," or "after" Krieghoff.


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