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Steven Volpe
"Man and Pyramid"

Steven Volpe

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"Man and Pyramid" 2021

Oil on Canvas

26.625" x 20"


A man building a sand pyramid—a small temporary monument—in the face of oncoming waves: This was the idea that provided the initial narrative spark to the painting. However, it wasn’t enough. I’ve always been interested in the phenomenon of double vision as it pertains to depth perception and human stereoscopic vision. This painting seemed like the right opportunity to adapt, and even exaggerate, the effect to a scene with deep space. The pyramidal structure relates to the physics of optics and triangular shape of the visual axes.


Artist Statement / Bio

I paint open-ended narratives that feature ordinary people engaged in ordinary activities. Achieving an effect that is out of the ordinary is where the work begins: the transformation, the editing, the re-imagining. That’s the point at which art overtakes illustration and the specific gives way to the universal. Equal parts ‘eyewitness account’ and ‘symbol-laden parable’ contribute to the tendency of my paintings to invite interpretation yet still retain a comfortable and coherent plausibility. It is a fine balance.

If I were a filmmaker, I’d probably cast the movie before the script was written. Long before I know how the story will unfold, the spark of an idea presents itself in the form of a face, an expression, or a gesture. The gesture, almost always candidly captured, is prominent in most of my work. Since body language is held in a tenuous relationship with any kind of objective truth, context is indeed everything. I use this to my advantage to highlight tension through visual irony—all in the service of provoking thought.

In 2016, I received the Laura Ciruls Painting Award—an accolade given annually by the Ontario Arts Foundation, and one that has meant the most to me, so far. I am very fortunate to have the representation of two well-regarded galleries: Ingram Gallery in Toronto’s Yorkville district, and Earls Court Gallery in Hamilton. My home and studio are located in Orangeville, Ontario where I live with my wife, Wendy.

— Steven Volpe

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